Masters Gymnastics Championships, Gladstone

Thank you for expressing your interest for the Gladstone Masters Gymnastics Championships (14th July 2019). I hope you are as excited as we are!

The entry form to complete your application is below. This form is ‘definite’ confirmation of your entry, and will be considered a commitment to pay.

A couple of things about the entry form...


We will be looking to fly with Virgin, and the flights we recommend are:

  • Departing BNE to GLT Friday afternoon 3.05pm to 4.15pm

  • Returning GLT to BNE Sunday afternoon/evening 4.45pm to 5.45pm

I have attached a list of the flights departing and returning from Brisbane Airport (current as of 29th May 2019):

  • Brisbane to Gladstone on Friday and Saturday, and

  • Gladstone to Brisbane on Sunday and Monday


We will look at securing an AirBnB within walking distance to the venue, for Friday to Sunday. Payment will be sorted separately after the entry form cutoff date has passed (COB Tuesday 11th June 2019).

Payment (required if completing this form)

Bank details for transferring your payment can be found in the email that brought you here.

  • Breakdown for AA (all around)

    • MAG: $45 + $10 administration

    • WAG: $45 + $10 administration

  • Breakdown for individual apparatus

    • MAG/WAG: $10 per apparatus

    • A $10 administration fee (added to total, not per apparatus)


Competition details

Gladstone Gymnastics Club
53 Yarroon Street
Gladstone, Central, QLD 4680

Competition date
14th July 2019

MAG (Men's)
WAG (Women's)

All Around (AA) awards
1st place: Trophy
2nd place: Trophy or medal
3rd place: Trophy or medal

Individual Apparatus awards
1st place: Medal
2nd place: Medal
3rd place: Medal

Special awards (gift or trophy)
Most entertaining MAG routine
Most entertaining WAG routine
Oldest MAG participant
Oldest WAG participant


Gladstone Masters Championships 2019 – entry form

Name *
Departing flight: BNE > GLT *
Select all that you can make.
Returning flight: GLT > BNE *
Select all that you can make. Please note that Sunday competition will finish before or close to midday, so heading to the airport for the 2:40 PM flight will be a cutting it fine. Please also note that at this stage, we are not looking to book group accommodation for Sunday night.
Refer to the 2019 QLD Masters Skill Divisions and place yourself in the highest Division for which you can meet the requirements in all apparatus. If you are unsure, as a guide: The Open Division is roughly equivalent to Ex-L1 to L6, or participants with no previous competitive gymnastics experience. The Masters Division is for Ex-L7 and above gymnasts.
Competing All Around (AA)? *
Competing apparatus?
If you have selected AA, you do not need to complete these checkboxes.
Insurance details sent?
Urban Gymnastics will absorbing the insurance fees – provided we have your details.
Please complete if you have not sent in your personal details (previous competitors can skip this): • Mobile number • Date of birth • Address • Emergency contact name • Emergency contact number
Calculate your total cost from the amounts above.
Payment *
Bank transfer details can be found in your email. Please include your last name as reference.