We use MindBody to offer our class options to our members. You will need to create a (free) account to purchase class options (current MindBody Connect users should set up an account with the same email address).

Class prices (2 hr)

The below classes last for two hours:

  • Strength class (2 hr)

  • Tumbling class (2 hr)

  • NEWLY INCLUDED: Gymnastics apparatus (2 hr, first 10 people per class)

Click on any option below to purchase:

  • Single session / casual session / walk in

  • $28, once off payment

  • One session

  • Use within 1 month

  • 10 class pass, non-refundable

  • $220 (value of $22 per class), once off payment

  • 10 sessions upfront

  • Use within 6 months

  • White membership – most popular

  • $18 / week, recurring weekly

  • One class a week, one contract per person

  • Any two-hour or less normally scheduled class

  • Platinum membership

  • $40 / week, recurring weekly

  • Unlimited sessions in a week: smash your training!

Class prices (1.5 hr)

The below class lasts for one and a half hours:

  • Stretch & Flex class (1.5 hr)

  • Single 1.5 hr session / casual session / walk in

  • $20, once off payment

  • One session

  • Use within 1 month


The nitty-gritty

Each recurring payment (membership / contract) is debited on the sale date, and is in effect from Monday to Sunday.

If you can only come once a week, we recommend the Once-a-week (White) Membership.

Members who are on the Once-a-week (White) Membership and come to a second class during the week will be charged at the normal single class rate for any class after their first class that week. If you do come to two or more classes a week, we recommend the Unlimited (Platinum) Membership or also purchasing a 10 class pass.

The Unlimited (Platinum) Membership is our weekly unlimited option. This gets you into any normally scheduled class during the week. Any workshops or extra classes outside the normal schedule may be offered at a reduced rate.

There is no registration or joining fee, and users can cancel any time. If you purchase a contract and decide to cancel at a later date, you will cancel any future charges associated with your account. You will not receive a refund for the current billing cycle. We reserve the right to issue refunds or credits at our sole discretion.

We will honour up to the end of your paid billing cycle, even though the system will cancel whatever is left of the current billing cycle's credit (if any). If you run into account issues, please contact us.

All sales are final, but you can contact us for more information.

Sign into classes

We use MindBody to sign into classes. To learn how to sign into classes, view the registration process here.