Where can I get an Urban Gymnastics shirt?


Guess what? You can visit the online shop to purchase your very own Urban Gymnastics t-shirt!

The shirts are of a slim-regular fit, featuring a plain crew neck. As they are constructed from 100% combed cotton, the shirts are quite light and airy, perfect for training. As an added bonus, they have been preshrunk to minimise shrinkage.

Size charts are below, as well as on the store.

Men's sizing (click to zoom)

Women's sizing (click to zoom)

I'm really sore after class, is this normal?

Especially if you've done one of the killer strength classes, you may experience what is called delayed onset muscle soreness. Physical exertion (e.g. training or exercise) can cause microtrauma (small tears) to the muscle fibres (the pain you may experience). Soon after, your muscle will adapt to prevent damage, hence the soreness if the exercise is repeated. This is a natural process of muscle building.

If you do not experience improvement from your pain in seven days, we recommend you consult a physician.

How do I treat this "delayed onset muscle soreness" after class?

We are not medical professionals and do not claim to be. If you are worried, we recommend you consult a physician.

Generally speaking, the muscle soreness you experience will last from 24-72 hours after class, and should subside and disappear after seven days. You can reduce the discomfort with:

  • RICE treatment of the affected area (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)
  • Low-intensity activities
  • Gentle stretching
  • Massage or sauna

If you do not experience improvement from your pain in seven days, we recommend you consult a physician.

Should I train outside of classes?

Absolutely. The more you train, the more you will improve.

If you only train once a week with Urban, it will take longer for you to improve and learn new skills. If you combine Urban with any other exercise (or come to more classes!), you will start to learn and see improvement faster.

What is MindBody? How do I use it?

We use MindBody to book you into classes. With your (free) MindBody account, you can:

  • Purchase Class Passes
  • Check your account for expiration dates and classes remaining
  • Sign up for your classes
  • See who is teaching

You can even download the app to make it more convenient!

Registering using MindBody

  1. Go to this link and click "Sign Up!"
  2. Click on the My Info tab, and type in your first and last name
    – If your name is already there, click: "This is me!"
    – If you can't find your name, click: "Create a new account"
  3. Fill out your contact information, login and create a password
  4. Check "Agree to Terms," and click "Create Account"
    Don't worry if you get to a point where it says, "Unable to provide account information. Waiting for security verification from studio." After we verify you, (give us 24 hours), you can then go to Step 5, next time you log in.
  5. To purchase a single class, membership or class card go to the "ONLINE STORE."
    Single Class sessions and Class Passes are located under "Series and Memberships"
    Direct debit is located under "Contracts"