Where can I get an Urban Gymnastics shirt?


Guess what? You can visit the online shop to purchase your very own Urban Gymnastics t-shirt!

The shirts are of a slim-regular fit, featuring a plain crew neck. As they are constructed from 100% combed cotton, the shirts are quite light and airy, perfect for training. As an added bonus, they have been preshrunk to minimise shrinkage.

Size charts are below, as well as on the store.

Men's sizing (click to zoom)

Women's sizing (click to zoom)

What do I need to bring/wear to class?

As our classes are in state-of-the-art gymnastics facilities, you only need shoes to get to and from the facility. Normal gym wear is suitable (a shirt or singlet with shorts or tights are a good mix). If you're unsure, check our Instagram feed for an idea of what other people are wearing to class.

There are drink fountains at the gymnasiums, otherwise a water bottle and a towel would be a wise investment.

Will we be doing "this skill" in class?

Each coach follows a specific structure for their lesson depending on the class. Technique and skill development are wrapped into each class, along with strength, conditioning, and stretching.

While we cannot guarantee every skill will be covered in every class, they do rotate through skills and drills to cover as much as they can over all of their classes. You can ask the coach during class if they will be covering that skill, or if they can cover it next time.

What else do I need to know about classes?

Have fun! Urban Gymnastics is a flexible place for you to focus on your training, and to socialise with other like-minded individuals.

We want you to enjoy training at Urban Gymnastics, and for us to provide the positive and enjoyable training atmosphere within the gymnasium, we want to hear what you think. Let us know by replying to any Urban Gymnastics email, or by emailing the feedback address in our email footer.