What will I learn in a class?

Our strength classes work through the main muscle groups, and we utilise the gymnastics equipment. This gives us plenty of opportunity to do a variety of strength circuits and activities, so we'll hopefully be able to keep you busy!

The tumbling sessions start with basics to warm up, and then we move onto skill development (whether that be handstands, round-offs, handsprings, backflips, saulto work, or anything in between). We also sometimes incorporate freestyle gymnastics (FreeG) into the class – parkour, tricking, and free-running.

The artistic gymnastics (apparatus) classes are specifically tailored by a gymnastics coach for the six apparatus: floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, and high bar. Men and women are welcome to attend these classes.

Our stretch and flex sessions are for anyone new to stretching, and for anyone wanting to further their flexibility. This class will focus on stretching the body from top to toe, while improving your flexibility and increasing your natural range of motion.

We are constantly looking at adding new classes. For a full list of classes, check out urbangymnastics.com.au/calendar

Will we be doing "this skill" in class?

Each coach follows a specific structure for their lesson depending on the class. Technique and skill development are wrapped into each class, along with strength, conditioning, and stretching.

While we cannot guarantee every skill will be covered in every class, they do rotate through skills and drills to cover as much as they can over all of their classes. You can ask the coach during class if they will be covering that skill, or if they can cover it next time.